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Cairns Stop the Music!

The next morning we did two more hikes around Cairns before heading up to Port Douglas. On one of our hikes we found a natural waterslide down the face of a huge boulder with water running over it. The road to Port Douglas runs right along the ocean and the lookouts were awesome. Port Douglas in a really small town on a 4 mile stretch of pristine beach. We stopped at Trinity Beach to get some food and sampled about 10 different types of Aussie candy. With our tongues blue we continued the trek north to Port Dougy. We checked into an awesome hostel with free brekkie called the Parrotfish Lodge. Unlike the city of Cairns, Port Douglas is muy tranquilo. We booked out dives for the following day and called it an early night. We booked our dives in Port Douglas (recommendation from friend) and because the Great Barrier Reef runs right along the Continental Shelf.  The boat we were on was called the Super Sonic and it got us to the outer edge of the reef in just over an hour. We stopped at t…