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Hong Kong Gems!

The next part of our trip consisted of us riding tons of subways and trollies all over Hong Kong to check off photo destinations! This blog post will mostly be a collection of the photos we took. We found a couple "instagram" hotspots that were very popular among other travelers. The first stop of the day was a collection of apartment building that were painted the color of the rainbow. When we showed up around 11am there were already around 150 people there taking photos! We couldn't believe how popular this spot was. I wanted to get a different perspective so I took out our drone and snapped some aerial photos. When there's 150 people taking the same photos you need to think outside the box!
After we finished with the rainbow apartments we headed to another popular hotspot with blue concrete rings. This site was quite bizarre to me as we were in a very quite part of Hong Kong. We had read that the rings were on top of the parking structure. We roamed around looking…

Mong Kok and Beyond!

We immediately hit the ground running! We arrived early and got settled. We then made our way to the infamous subway system. We knew we would be using it a lot so we bought "Octopus" cards which allow you to tap into the gates instead of buying individual tickets. We would soon find out that the Octopus cards got you access to everything (subways, busses, trollies, ferries, and even 711s). We made our way to Victoria Peaks and got in a very very long line for the Tram. We didn't last long in line and decided to hike to the top. Little did we know that it's a couple miles to get to the top and thousands of feet of elevation gain. After 10 minutes of hiking we hailed a taxi and got to the top in 15 minutes. Just in time for the sunset.
We took another suggestion for dinner and went to Yardbird. When we walked in it was the first time since we landed in Hong Kong that we were talking to English speaking people. Our waiter was french and very friendly. He basically order…

Hong Kong 2018!

Hello fellow travelers!
A lot of people have been asking about my recent trip to Hong Kong!  I'll give you the 5 "Ws" to get everyone up to speed.
Who: Abe Kislevitz, Emilio, and myself
What: Lot's of adventure happened including the Rugby Sevens tournament!
When: April 2nd - April 9th 2018
Where: Hong Kong and the surrounding areas
Why: Abe was invited to be an Alaska Airlines #WorldWideWanderer who partnered with Cathay Pacific to travel to Hong Kong and capture an epic week of content to share on their respective pages. He needed a travel buddy and reached out to me to join him. We left two weeks later with a loose itinerary on places and things we wanted to see! And boy how did things pan out so nicely!

Travel Day:
Having Cathay Pacific and Alaska Airlines on your side when planning a trip made travel just delightful. I met Abe at LAX at the departures level. He was coming fresh from Cabo and I from SFO. Cathay got us very dialed with Business Class seats direct …