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Costa Rica Bound!

I arrived in Costa Rica a few days ago after way too many hours in Airports. Chris was in Santa Teresa with our friend Ben. I didn’t tell Chris I was coming so it was a little surprise when I showed up. I landed in San Jose CR in the afternoon with just a small backpack. I packed 3 boardies, 3 tanks, and a couple GoPros for the journey. The journey to Santa Teresa is a bit of a mission. It’s a 2.5 hour bus from San Jose to Puntarenas where you get on a ferry to cross the Nicoya Penisula. The ferry is just over an hour to Paquera. From there you get on another bus for 3 hours to Santa Teresa. The bus system in Costa Rica usually rocks but I wasn’t so lucky this time. The bus left late from San Jose because they were fixing something on it. About 25 minutes into the loooong journey the bus shuts off going up a hill on a packed highway in just outside of San Jose. There were lots of clanks and banging by the bus driver on the engine when it started again and we were on our merry way. It …

Euro X Games: Tignes France!

The last couple shoots I did with GoPro were a blast. We kept hearing rumors that we might be going to France for the Winter Euro X Games. Rumors turned into reality and I headed to Tignes France for some high octane potency. Before we went to France, our USC Ski Team had to compete at Nationals in Sunday River Maine. We had a blast at Nationals and took 2nd overall in freestyle. I had to fly out two days early to San Fran to pack for France. 
I had never been to Europe so the whole trip was exciting. I flew to San Francisco to meet up with Abe, Zak and the rest of the GoPro crew. We flew to Geneva and took a shuttle into the French Alps where the games were held. We had amazing weather the entire time and filmed nonstop while we were there. Abe and I spent our days filming and the nights at the local crazy club call the Melting Pot shredding the dance floor. The techno beats from last year’s top 25 list didn’t stop until 5am. We were definitely living the life in France. The ski resor…

Airports and Ski Resorts!

So it had been awhile since I have last updated this blog but I’ve been back on the airplanes and Farroaming the world once again! I recently graduated in December with my bro and I was nervous that I was going to miss the college lifestyle but life has been absolutely great. As soon as school ended I started working for GoPro as a production assistant slash videographer on contract. My first gig was back in January where fellow friend and colleague Zak S. and I went to Killington Vermont to film and cover the second stop of the Dew Tour. The weather wasn’t that grew and it was unbelievably cold. Overall, the trip went well and we finished our course previews on time. It was a great first gig because it wasn’t super intense and we only had to do a Superpipe course preview. I met GoPro sponsored pro skier Tucker Perkins and followed him through the half pipe to get the shot.  After the Dew Tour stop in Vermont we flew directly to Aspen to meet our huge GoPro crew to cover Winter X Game…