Euro X Games: Tignes France!

Living life in Tignes France! 
The last couple shoots I did with GoPro were a blast. We kept hearing rumors that we might be going to France for the Winter Euro X Games. Rumors turned into reality and I headed to Tignes France for some high octane potency. Before we went to France, our USC Ski Team had to compete at Nationals in Sunday River Maine. We had a blast at Nationals and took 2nd overall in freestyle. I had to fly out two days early to San Fran to pack for France. 
Nationals in Maine with the USC Ski Team

front row seats at halfpipe
I had never been to Europe so the whole trip was exciting. I flew to San Francisco to meet up with Abe, Zak and the rest of the GoPro crew. We flew to Geneva and took a shuttle into the French Alps where the games were held. We had amazing weather the entire time and filmed nonstop while we were there. Abe and I spent our days filming and the nights at the local crazy club call the Melting Pot shredding the dance floor. The techno beats from last year’s top 25 list didn’t stop until 5am. We were definitely living the life in France. The ski resort was the largest I’ve ever seen. At least 10x the size of Mammoth! They had an underground train that went from the base lodge up 4000ft vertical to the top peak. My ears popped at least a dozen times during the ascent. The après ski life in France is awesome. The locals would be partying by 4pm when the lifts shut down. Unfortunately I didn’t take part of this because I was busing filming but it was fun to see the different culture.
Hitting the Euro X Slopestyle Course
Claiming Euro X!!

Our GoPro Euro X Games highlight video was a huge hit online. Here is the link to it, check it out! After eating a years worth of cheese and begets we relocated to Geneva Switzerland to relax and explore for a day. In Geneva we stayed downtown and met up with a friend Jen who is studying abroad there. We explored the city and went out at night to experience the Swiss club scene. We made the most out of a quiet Tuesday night by going to a small little pub. The next morning we flew out of Geneva back to San Fran. When I landed in SFO I made a last minute decision to fly home to LA because I had an exciting plan! Chris had just flown to Costa Rica to chase babes and waves with Ben. I made another last minute decision and bought a one-way ticket to Costa Rica to chase him down. I flew out the following day. Talk about jet lag! France-LA-Costa Rica in less than 48 hours. 
Switzerland with the GoPro Crew!
Après Ski Action - Fine Dining! CHEESE ON CHEESE ON CHEESE!!!!


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