Costa Rica Bound!

Smooth Criminal!

I arrived in Costa Rica a few days ago after way too many hours in Airports. Chris was in Santa Teresa with our friend Ben. I didn’t tell Chris I was coming so it was a little surprise when I showed up. I landed in San Jose CR in the afternoon with just a small backpack. I packed 3 boardies, 3 tanks, and a couple GoPros for the journey. The journey to Santa Teresa is a bit of a mission. It’s a 2.5 hour bus from San Jose to Puntarenas where you get on a ferry to cross the Nicoya Penisula. The ferry is just over an hour to Paquera. From there you get on another bus for 3 hours to Santa Teresa. The bus system in Costa Rica usually rocks but I wasn’t so lucky this time. The bus left late from San Jose because they were fixing something on it. About 25 minutes into the loooong journey the bus shuts off going up a hill on a packed highway in just outside of San Jose. There were lots of clanks and banging by the bus driver on the engine when it started again and we were on our merry way. It took about an to fix the bus so we missed the ferry in Puntarenas and had to wait 4 hours for the next one. I ate some mystery meat off a stick and explored the town and watched the sun set. I was tired but super stoked to be in Costa Rica again. I got to Santa Teresa around midnight and found Christopher at a rad surf hostel called Brunelas. For the past three days we’ve been waking up around 545 for the dawn patrol session. We usually surf again during the day but the sun is really potent right now and it’s hard to not get fried. At sunset we go out again because the wind dies down and the water becomes smooth. Last night we went to the Coco Loco for Bens last night and had a blast showing the ticos how to dance. The sun is setting right now so I gotta go wax my board and head out! A big swell is coming this weekend and we’re trying to decide on whether to head north to Nicaragua or South to Bocas de Toro in Panama. I’m voting north but we’ll see. Until next time… Pura Vida! 

Sunset Beauty!


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