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INDObitably Outrageous

It’s been quite a run the past week with the crew. The other day Ben convinced us to take a break from surfing and go to Ubud for some sightseeing. It was a long drive but we took a pit stop at a Warung that had a bunch of people at it and scored the best meal to date in Bali. It was called Hana Warung and they served grilled Balinese food. We all got three entrees and the shrimp was insane! After our food stop we loaded up the car and headed for Ubud. 10 uturns later we finally found the Gao Gojah which means Elephant Temple. They made us wear sarongs because you have to cover your shoulders and knees. The temple was goliath and ancient.  When we were walking around this Indo guy came up to us and asked us to follow him. He took us down a secret little path to this raging river. He pointed across to these little cave entrances that you would never have seen without a guided eye. We did some rock hopping and skipping to get closer. After the furthest rock you had to jump in the raging …

Weekend Warriors!

What a crazy weekend here in Bali. We surfed huge surf during the day and spent our nights bouncing from discotech to discotech in Kuta. We just found out that a group of Norwegians live behind us who are going to school here in Bali. We met them in Kuta and found out that we live just one house apart. They have a sick setup where you can jump off their roof into the swimming pool, radical.
On both Saturday and Sunday I was rousted by Bali police. Each time they were trying to get me to pay outrageous fines on the spot for not have an international driver’s license (and one time for having Chris on the back without a helmet). My bargaining skills are top notch so both times I walked away paying just under 5 bucks. On Sunday, they put up a roadblock right before the Serangan surf spot to catch all the tourists, so lame. In Serangan we’ve been hanging out at Maria’s Surf Warung. Before we go out to surf we get food and drinks and when we come in from surf she makes us chocolate banana c…