INDObitably Outrageous

Dreamland Sunset!
hop skip and a jump
It’s been quite a run the past week with the crew. The other day Ben convinced us to take a break from surfing and go to Ubud for some sightseeing. It was a long drive but we took a pit stop at a Warung that had a bunch of people at it and scored the best meal to date in Bali. It was called Hana Warung and they served grilled Balinese food. We all got three entrees and the shrimp was insane! After our food stop we loaded up the car and headed for Ubud. 10 uturns later we finally found the Gao Gojah which means Elephant Temple. They made us wear sarongs because you have to cover your shoulders and knees. The temple was goliath and ancient. 
When we were walking around this Indo guy came up to us and asked us to follow him. He took us down a secret little path to this raging river. He pointed across to these little cave entrances that you would never have seen without a guided eye. We did some rock hopping and skipping to get closer. After the furthest rock you had to jump in the raging waters and swim across to cave entrances. It was pretty crazy because when the guide was showing us where to hop, he slipped and fell into a bad part of the river and went of some rapids. He hit his face on a rock but came up smiling and just waved for us to go. We were pretty hesitant at this point because we just saw the local guy go down and now he wanted us to go. I made the leap and swim to the cave and waited for the boys as I wasn’t going in those caves alone!  It was really scary swimming into the dark manmade cutouts because it was really dark and there were funky currents in the water. It was quite the site to see inside and I have no clue on how they made those caves in such a gnarly part of the river. After the caves our guide showed us a rock that we could jump off but he wouldn’t go first. We trusted him and made the jump. After jumping we tipped the guy and made the hike out. When we got to the top of the hike a lady was selling coconuts and waters, talk about service!
Ubud - hiking to temple

Two days ago, Justin, Colin, and Ben left so it’s been pretty quiet since then. Chris and I have been mobbing on the scooters hopping from surf spot to surf spot. We scored an epic session yesterday at Serangan. Chris hasn’t been feeling so hot so I surfed Dreamland solo last night and only 2 other guys were out. OHH! The night that Justin and Colin were flying out I went to Dreamland when they were returning the car and got my first barrel. I was sooooo stoked. I thought for sure I was going to wipeout hard and pretty much closed my eyes and hoped for the best. I’m officially hooked on surfing for life after that.
Dreamland bommie!

We’ve been hanging out with the Norwegians a bunch lately. Super fun crowd and always down to have a good time. This weekend was really outrageous with that crew. They bought five little baby chickens and each one of them is dyed a different color. My favorite one is Rachel, she’s hot pink. I’ll post a picture of it later, so funny looking. PETA would have a heyday! I leave Bali on Thursday so the streak is coming to an end soon, not stoked. I’ll do one more post before I bounce, slater! 
Serangan sunset


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