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Melbourne Madness and Sydney Shenanigans!

The weather in Melbourne is ADD right now so we decided to do the Great Ocean Road last minute. While Chris was in class, Brad and I booked it over to the car hire and picked up a sweet Broyota Brorolla. With no directions or idea of what we’re getting into we head to campus to pick up Christopher. The roads of Melbourne are HECTIC! You are sharing the road with trams, trains, trolleys, busses, bikers, trucks and cars. I only managed to get honked at a few times leaving the city with trusty co-pilot Brad. Chris just slept the whole time… surprising! The first stop of our journey was Torquay, the home of Quicksilver. Then we scooted over to Bells Beach.  After we realized how far we needed to go to get to the really cool sites we started rambling our hotrod. We cut expected travel times in half and made it to the 12 Apostles by midday. What a site to see! We hiked down to the beach and hung out for a while. We also explored a cemetery of those lost in a famous boat wreck right offshore…

Trips on Trips!

After the Bro and Ariel left the Gold Coast I had headed back to Brisbane for classes. When classes ended for the week I headed back down to Surfers Paradise with Rebecca and Leslie for a fun weekend of activities. I got to surf the whole weekend as the waves were pretty good. I hosted a small get together that quickly turned into a couple dozen people partying on my balcony.The next morning we rented a minivan and headed south. We crammed 9 people into it and drove to Nimbin. Nimbin is a really small town in the middle of nowhere. After checking the small quarky town out I got to drive everybody to Byron. Byron Bay is definitely the coolest place I’ve seen on this trip. It is a small beach town with amazing beaches and surf. I can’t wait to go back to Byron Bay with Brad and Chris.
Chris, our new friend Ben, and I booked flights to Bali for our Fall Break. Chris’s knee will be solid by then so it will be great to surf with him again. Soooo stoked for break!!
Three days ago I flew to Me…


Another crazy week down under. Chris and Ariel came and visited this weekend from Melbourne. The weather their first day was killer and we chilled in Surfer’s Paradise soaking up the rays. The next two days we had sporadic thunder and lightning we made for some interesting surfing and swimming. On Saturday the weather cleared and the surf rolled in so we went down to Coola\ngatta for the Quicksilver Pro surf contest at the famous break Snapper Rocks. It was a really awesome setup as us, “the fans” can wade out into the water knee deep which puts you literally 30 ft. from where the pros are taking off on their waves. It was really cool to be that close to Kelly Slater and the rest of the gang as they were tearing it up in the near perfect conditions. I’ve never seen people get barreled so long. 
This weekend was the first time I sampled the nightlife in Surfers and what a better way to do it with the brother. We had two awesome nights’ outs bouncing from club to club and eventually comi…