Trips on Trips!

party crew at my place

After the Bro and Ariel left the Gold Coast I had headed back to Brisbane for classes. When classes ended for the week I headed back down to Surfers Paradise with Rebecca and Leslie for a fun weekend of activities. I got to surf the whole weekend as the waves were pretty good. I hosted a small get together that quickly turned into a couple dozen people partying on my balcony.  The next morning we rented a minivan and headed south. We crammed 9 people into it and drove to Nimbin. Nimbin is a really small town in the middle of nowhere. After checking the small quarky town out I got to drive everybody to Byron. Byron Bay is definitely the coolest place I’ve seen on this trip. It is a small beach town with amazing beaches and surf. I can’t wait to go back to Byron Bay with Brad and Chris.
Byron Bay

Chris, our new friend Ben, and I booked flights to Bali for our Fall Break. Chris’s knee will be solid by then so it will be great to surf with him again. Soooo stoked for break!!

Three days ago I flew to Melbourne where I’ve been hanging out with the Bro and his new roomies. The party scene in Melbourne is crazy. He lives smack-dab in downtown Melbourne so everything is really close. St. Patties was a huge success. Chris and I bumped into the girls netball team and somehow ended up at their private party. The ratio was 40 to 3 so we weren’t complaining!

Brighton Beach Charisma
Yesterday morning I got a call early early in the AM from Brad telling me that he has arrived. Chris and I rushed down to the train station to meet him and guess what he surprised us with?! Two bottles of TAPATIO and two extra large bags of Snickers. EPIC!! We haven’t tried them together yet but I’m sure it would taste great! We wasted no time dilly-dallying and got right to exploring Melbourne. We took a tram over to Brighton Beach, home of the colorful little sheds on the beach. After hanging out we went to the supermarket and bought Kangaroo steaks. Kang with tapatio and broccoli isn’t a bad combo!
Bradley!!! (plus creepy clown)
Silly Birds!
Today we tried to rent a car to drive the Great Ocean Road but all the car rentals we sold out due to the Formula 1 races this coming week in Melbourne. After the car rental fail we hopped on another tram to visit the beaches of St. Kilda. The weather today was awesome and Brad got a pretty awesome AUS sunburn. We met up with Aaron B. at the beach for a super mellow Sunday. We ended our day with famous “Mighty Melbourne” burgers at The Grill. Hands down the best burger I’ve ever eaten. We’re hoping to get a car tomorrow but its weather pending. I’ve heard great things about the Great Ocean Road!

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St. Kilda's grassy beach


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