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Killington Vermont
So it had been awhile since I have last updated this blog but I’ve been back on the airplanes and Farroaming the world once again! I recently graduated in December with my bro and I was nervous that I was going to miss the college lifestyle but life has been absolutely great. As soon as school ended I started working for GoPro as a production assistant slash videographer on contract. My first gig was back in January where fellow friend and colleague Zak S. and I went to Killington Vermont to film and cover the second stop of the Dew Tour. The weather wasn’t that grew and it was unbelievably cold. Overall, the trip went well and we finished our course previews on time. It was a great first gig because it wasn’t super intense and we only had to do a Superpipe course preview. I met GoPro sponsored pro skier Tucker Perkins and followed him through the half pipe to get the shot.  After the Dew Tour stop in Vermont we flew directly to Aspen to meet our huge GoPro crew to cover Winter X Games 15. 

I had never been to Aspen and was blown away by the beautiful weather. The first few days of X Games was super action packed. I was following the athletes through the slopestyle course non-stop. I was spending an average of 12-15 hours in my ski boots every day. On the last day of X Games I was asked to follow the athletes of the Big Air jump. It was 85 feet long just to the corner of the knuckle and the kicker was a good 30 feet high. I was pretty nervous to hit the jump for my first time but I was able to follow in pro snowboarder Eric Willett to get the speed right. 55mph is what you had to aim for to clear the jump. After I got comfortable on the jump I was started doing the follow cams of the athletes. I got some pretty sweet shots for the highlight real. ESPN posted the clips on their YouTube channel and they got a ton of views. Here is the video of me follow Eric of the Big Air. HERE!
Following Eric Willett during practice
Here is a link to one of the runs I did with Tom Wallisch Here! My favourite part of X Games was that it was fully catered and was an all you can eat buffet. I definitely took advantage of this and was clocking in whenever I scored a few extra minutes of free time. By the end of the event all the tickets checker ladies knew my name! After the event we had two free days to explore Aspen and get some free skiing in. Somehow I was suckered into a bet and jumped off the lift for a quick thrill. To my dismay the wrong person was sitting a few chair back and called ski patrol to chase me down. In Colorado it’s a major offence to jump off the lift and they arrest you on the spot. Lucky for me the red coat ski patrollers aren’t as fast as me. I saw them coming and took off. I hadn’t been on that lift many times so I had zero clue on where to run. I dipped into some trees to hide and clipped one that I didn’t see and ate dooky. I double ejected and was lying on my face when I saw the ski patroller ski by. Apparently I got lucky again and he didn’t see me. I busted my thumb pretty good on the tree but in the end it was worth it… I think? Our last night in Aspen, the GoPro crew went to a decadent restaurant to celebrate our hard two weeks of work!
Big Air Madness!
Working Hard at Winter X Games!
sled laps to the top of the course
After X Games we flew back to San Francisco to regroup and organize. Chris, Abe and I did a quick trip up to San Luis Obispo to surf/kite and visit Joe, Andy and friends. After our quick visit I went back to San Francisco with Abe and we flew out to Ogden Utah for the third stop of the Dew Tour. The weather wasn’t great but we pulled off some great course previews. I followed Eric Willett and Tom Wallisch a bunch through the slopestyle course and got some sick shots. Our last night in Utah, Zak and I went to the city and tried the artificial surf wave. When I saw it, I was convinced it would take me two tried to master it but after a solid two hour and about 100 falls I can honestly say that I am still a complete noob at artificial surfing. I’ll stick to the real thing! After Utah I had a little break and spent my time in Mammoth shredding the jump park with Christopher and friends. We did some filming for Party In the Park II which will be released soon. 
broken board in San Luis Obispo
Utah Beauty!


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