Super Swell Swells

Sunset surf session! Doesn't get much better than this!
Saying adios to the Swedes!

Hanging out at my favorite spot in CR!

Ohhhkaaay! Chris and I are still in Santa Teresa slaying the surf. A huge swell just rolled in so we’ve been surfing three times a day every day. The surf has been really fun and super clean! We met some new people down here who had a car and we piled in and went to a break south of Santa Teresa called Sunset Reef. It was a macking left point break that was barreling on the bigger sets. Some of the local guys were killing it and getting most of the rides. We all managed to get a few waves so the trip was definitely worth it. After our session we went up to Vistas de Olas. Vistas de Olas is a water bar, restaurant and infinity pool that overlooks the entire bay. It’s an all you can eat salad bar so we definitely got our fill. After Vistas, we went back to the hostel and rallied some more troops for a fun night at the Coco Loco. The next morning our favorite Swedes (Anna and Helga) left for the United States. A couple days ago I started to get an ear infection from the red tide. The red tide is an algae bloom in the water that is dark red and causes nose and ear problems. I got drops from the pharmacy but I’ve been surfing so much that it isn’t getting much better. The red tide is funky down here because it will roll in and out at random times during the day. One minute you are in nice crystal clear water, the next you are in water that looks worse than El Porto after a rain. We don’t mind the tide because it keeps the locals out of the water and we get the breaks to ourselves… worth it?! DUH!
low tide at Santa Teresa
 Two days ago Chris and I went out for a quick surf that turned into an almost three hour sesh after the conditions turned epic. I wasn’t wearing a shirt in the water and got a really bad sunburn on my shoulders. I got a few water blisters that will definitely peel in a few days. Not stoked! The mid-day sun here is super potent and I learned the hard way.
Hostel Brunelas! 
Chris being furete!
Chris and I had planned on going to Nicaragua today but we went out last night and missed the 6am bus so we’re going to leave tomorrow morning instead. The journey doesn’t sound to hard but its long and it will definitely be an adventure crossing the border and getting there. We have to take a bus to Paquera and take the ferry to Puntarenas. From there we will get back on the bus to the next town. From what we hear, busses come through that town heading up to the border every hour or so. I think its around 3-4 hours to the border and who knows how long the wait will be there. Semana Santa is in a few days which is celebrated more than Christmas down here. After we cross the border we will take a cab or shuttle to San Juan del Sur which is a popular travel slash party town. We plan on spending the night there and heading to Popoyo in the morning. Our friend Pat is flying into Managua (capital of Nicaragua) in a few days to rendezvous with us in Popoyo. I’m excited for the change of pace! 


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