The Boyz are Back in Town!

ducking under a giant! 

In a few hours, Christopher, Ben, and Justin arrive. Super stoked for them to get here so I can increase my wolf pack. The last couple days have been pretty mellow as the swell has been pretty fickle and I’ve been recovering from “Bali belly”. I only missed one day of surfing from it, but I haven’t been as gung-ho as usual as it saps your energy. I’ve been mainly surfing Uluwatu but each day it has been getting more and more crowded. We surfed Canggu and Serangan this weekend which was a nice change of pace. Canggu is north above the Bukit Peninsula and the sand is dark black. I didn’t have my camera but we went through some amazing rice patties that went as far as the eye could see. After surfing Canggu we found this little warung that made crepes. I ordered a few as I was starving and my favorite so far was the banana, coconut, peanut butter, and palm sugar combo.  On Saturday after missing Friday I surfed all over the island. I woke up early feeling better and went to Balangan and scored some pretty sweet lefts. After surfing I ate at one of the local warungs on the beach. I then went to Uluwatu where I got pummeled on a late drop. After Ulus I went to Dreamland but the waves were crap so I went back to Balangan for a sunset session. On my way back from Balangan I saw a small group of locals standing around a little fire where they were roasting corn. I hung out with them speaking broken English while my corn was cooking. They covered the corn in this buttery spicy sauce that was just delectable. It was only 30 cents for the little gem, gotta love Bali!

Every day when I’m riding around from spot to spot I see the most random things on the road. The other day I passed a motorcycle that had a fish tank on each side with catfish in them. I also passed a moped vendor doing about 50mph that had around 300 balloons attached to it. It was hairy passing it as you couldn’t see around it because of all the balloons. My favorite though was when a motorcycle with three people on it passed me with a tiny little boy sitting on his mom’s lap. None of them had helmets and the little bugger was honking the horn at me smiling ear to ear. You couldn’t even see his eyes because he was squinting so much from the wind and he was sitting in the front. I also saw two young delinquents on a bike wheelie through a red-light laughing. Riding around Bali is always an adventure.

I’m about to ride to the airport to meet Chris, Justin, and Ben. I’ll get some cool shots of everybody tomorrow. "slates on the menge"


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