The Bali Madness Continues!

Another crazy day in Bali! We woke up just after 5am to beat the crowds. We headed straight for Uluwatu. The first half of the ride was in complete darkness and it even started to rain a little. We got there at first light and were on the outside as the sun started to rise. There were only a few of us out there and we all scored some really potent rides. After about 2 hours the crowds started showing up so we decided to move to the next spot. The swim back in was pretty tricky as you have to swim though a little cave and the currents are really strong. I almost missed the opening which would have been really because it pins you on the inside next to the cliffs. On our way back we stopped at our favorite restaurant Mak Jo but it was too early and they weren’t open. GUESS WHAT! McDonalds is open 24/7 with free delivery in Bali! Bali mackers didn’t disappoint at all!

trying to get pitted!
We then headed all the way to the north end of Bali to check out Chris’s favorite secret gem. It was about an 50 minute ride of weaving through traffic. When we were halfway to our spot, the Balenise cops had a roadblock, checking everybody for international licenses. Chris and Nick have them but I never got the memo along with Nathan. I only had about 13 bucks in my pocket so I had nothing to lose so I started playing a little hardball with the coppers. They kept asking for half a million rupiah which is around $55 (about ½ months’ salary in Bali). I walked away with paying only 50,000 rupiah with is just over 5 bucks. We continued north and finally made it to the spot and it was not very good. A little annoyed we headed back south to go to Dreamland.

the sketchy paddle in at Ulus

my hawt ride!
En route to Dreamland we all got separated from each other. I was so helplessly lost because I didn’t even know the name of the town where I was staying and I don’t have a phone. I just kept asking people if they knew where Mak Jo was because I was pretty sure I could make my way home from there. Nobody knew so I asked directions to Uluwatu thinking I could backtrack from there. I realized that was a bad idea as Uluwatu was a long trek this morning and we did it all in the dark. I kept roaming around until I finally recognized one of the round-a-bouts after about 40 minutes of wandering. I finally came across Mak Jo and I was so excited as I thought I was going to be lost all day. I was really lucky to have bumped into that round-a-bout! I went into Mak Jo’s and chowed. The ladies working were laughing at me because my face was completely brown from riding all day and they knew I was lost because I wasn’t with the crew and looked pretty flustered. I was able to backtrack from Maks to our villa where I chilled until the guys got back. After a quick swim we headed back to Dreamland where we scored some really fun waves. For dinner the guys wanted Mak Jos and I couldn’t say no so I went for round two! Another hectic day in Bland! Uluwatu, crooked cops, being lost, and Dreamland - definitely not complaining! 

The Crew


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