Maui Tranquilo!

One Man Canoe - Pegasus
The Argentinians
Makena with the Boyz
Artzy Pic of the Day
Radio pick of the day was Christopher's favorite, "Firework" by Katy Perry. Today was super mellow as there wasn't any wind. Yesterday at the end of the day, my kite completely deflated when I was on the outside. I accepted the fact that I was going to have to swim in and drag my stuff with me but somehow the kite relaunched itself and I was able to make it in. When we were leaving the beach, Woody Harrelson pulled up in an eco-friendly Bug and asked if the wind was still good. I replied "nay".
To fix my kite I spent a bunch more hours finding leaks. I think I've finally fixed it. After many frustrating hours slaving over my kite I decided to take Quincy's one man canoe "Pegasus" out for a paddle. The boat can catch any size wave so you get the longest rides on ripple sized waves. I saw some more turtles and tried to get close to take a picture but they didn't let me get close. After seshing the canoe we went over to Makena Beach to body surf and hang out with the Argentinians. Makena is one of the nicer beaches on Maui and has some huge shore break. Tomorrow, we're crossing our fingers for wind. We plan on doing a down winder from Ho'okipa to Kanaha which would be an epic trek if the wind picks up. Quincy's showed me this funny video - you have to check it out!


  1. Grand Pa is waching you! When do you study? And don't delete the 'y'!


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