Ups and Downs

The Watchful Eye! 
Whew! The last two days have been full throttle. Both mornings we've hit Ho'okipa early in the AM to try and score some smooth waves. Ho'okipa has had a tendency to get windy and choppy fairly early. This morning, Chris woke us up extra early because he had am early "spin-class" with the gym hottie. He's making the best of his knee rehab! Both days, Ho'okipa has just murdered me physically. The conditions weren't the best "wind" wise but we went for it anyways. I ended up getting stuck on the inside count it... 4 times today and by the end of it I was just beat. Catching a Ho'okipa wave, priceless!
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Yesterday the wind was blowing on the south side (right in front of Quincy's house) so we decided to do a down-winder from upper Kihei to Quincy's house (a couple miles). We made Shane come with us and he had some great success. We kited for almost 4 hours straight as we had the ocean to ourselves! Today was a little different story. After getting punished again at Ho'okipa in the morning we went straight to Kanaha as the wind had already picked up. During my first session I was playing in the outside surf (one of the bigger days) and got tumbled.
End of the down-winder at Quincy's House! 
My board flew off my feet and I couldn't find it. Somehow I ended up on top of "Bone Yards". Bone Yards is a 4X4 football sided area where the ocean is extremely shallow and the reef is exposed. I was standing on the reef (my feet and legs are not thanking me right now) looking for my board. I couldn't find it so I decided to try and get off the reef and head in. On my way down to the lower beach about 1/2 mile away I saw my board floating in the water! I thought luck was on my side until I had a pretty bad disaster later that day. During session two I lofted a pretty good sized jump when my center line snapped which sent me careening towards the water. I hit pretty hard but didn't have time to cry about because my kite was looping out of control due to the missing line. I pulled the safety but didn't realize that the safety line was the line that snapped. My kite nearly flew away but I caught the bar last second. I pulled myself to the kite by the two outside lines while the kite was powered up. I ended up losing my board and having a very long swim in. Luckily, Chris being the good brother he is was watching the whole fiasco and borrowed a long board on the beach and paddled out and grabbed it before it floated away. What a guy!


  1. Although some crazy things have happened. You are living the life my man.


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