First Leg of the Journey

I'm in the first leg of my very long journey. I'll be studying abroad in Brisbane Australia in March. I decided I should go to Maui before and get some kitesurfing and surfing in before I'm off to life "Down Under". I just arrived in Maui after a quick direct flight from Portland. After waiting at the wrong baggage claim for 30 minutes biting my fingernails I thought my travels were off to a bad start. My USC kite and surf buddy Quincy picked me up at the airport and brought me straight to Makena (Big Beach) for some skimming and swimming. For a cool down we went and ran the King's Trail to La Perouse Bay. Turns out running in DC sneakers is rough on the ankles! I brought my trusty GoPro (waterproof camera) along and these are some of the shots I took.

This is my buddy Quincy shredding on his skimboard

Makena (Big Beach) barrel shot on the GoPro


  1. wassup, Caleb! Looks like you're having a lot of fun!!!



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