"When Life Takes Your Pants... Walk Naked"

Another Classic Maui Sunset
Kite Repair Fiasco
This is what Shane told me when I wiped out kiting which nearly claimed my shorts. Shane and I picked out our new rental ride. Officially dubbed "peekaboo" because the tint on the windows is out of control. Definitely a drug running car. Friday, Quincy and I finally got out kite gear all situated and ready. When I went to launch my kite, it was completely flat. So annoying as I know this is a really hard fix. I decided to deal with it later. I rushed to the Naish Dealer across the street where Coach (my ski coach when I was a wee tot) hooked it up with a brand new 2011 Naish Bolt. All I was told was to "be careful with it and don't crash it in the waves" as he doesn't demo these kites to just anyone. Famous last words! When I was launching my kite a friend on the beach told me to take it easy in the waves because they are really firing. I was so pumped to finally be on the water kiting. I went straight for the first wave in a huge set and smacked the lip KAPPPOWWW I completely wiped out and dumped my kite. The next three waves were even bigger and landed right on me and the kite. I wasn't happy at this point thinking that I ruined this new kite in the first 3 minutes. Miraculously the kite unfolded and filled up with wind and relaunched. I had to go in with my tale between my legs because the kite lines were really tangled. My buddy was laughing when he saw me limp in. I untangled everything and went for round two which was really successful. The waves on the outer reefs at Kanaha were very big and pretty intimidating. 

On one set I was flying down the line about to rip the top off when Crush decided to poke his head out of the water. I swerved and just missed him. After kiting I was debating how I was going to fix my kite. I fiddled with it for about two hours before I called it quits for some z's. Long story short, I woke up at 7 to fix it and didn't finish fixing it until 2 and during the process I managed to get the sunburn of a lifetime on my back. I found around 14 pin holes in the leading edge. After this debacle I went straight to kite beach to test it out. Pretty pumped that all the work paid off as the kite flew like dream. Also I would like to say props to Shane for completing his first body drag today! While kiting today I avoided a certain decapitation. I was crossing paths with another kiter at full speed (you guessed it, a girl) and she skimmed her kite across the water right when I was about to pass her. I threw my kite bar and jumped off my board and dove headfirst into the water and I'm almost positive that the kite brushed my head as I hit the water. Our two kites were temporarily tangled but not too bad. She was yelling non-stop apologies at me but I honestly wasn't mad. I was just happy that I didn't get my head stripped off. About Shane's quote. I crashed really hard on a jump and found my board shorts almost around my ankles. So far this trip has been killer and I can't wait for Chris to get here tomorrow. Until then I'm going to be putting copious amounts of aloe vera on my back!  
Shane is Here!
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  1. Do work son. Bummer about the sunburn, but damn sounds like an epic day on the water. To make you feel better, I was in 43 degree waters today with 3 feet visibility.
    Stoked to see you in au...

  2. stop being a little girl and charge outer kanaha like you know i would!


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