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GoBro Kiting!
Yesterday Chris showed up ready for some rays. We picked him up from the airport after surfing Ho'okipa early in the AM and went straight to the beach. We've been jamming to 90s radio everyday since we got Peekaboo who is lacking a CD player. Prince and Ace of Base "The Sign" have been the favorites of the trip thus far. The last two mornings Shane and I surfed some tasty waves at Ho'okipa. Ho'okipa consistently has the biggest surf and is a sea turtle feeding ground so you have to watch out for land mines when you're ripping down the line. Both mornings the wind has picked up before noon at Ho'okipa so we head to Kanaha Beach to get our kite on.
So Fuerte! 
The wind has been very strong the last two days and I've been logging hours on the water. The waves add a whole new element to kiting for me Back home we kite on a river and we don't have the luxury of perfect waves.
I've been teaching Shane the art of kiting and so far all has been well except two scary incidences. Yesterday when I launched his kite he brought it across the power window and got picked up and dragged down the beach. He walked away unscathed but has been digging the sand out of his ears since. Today was a little more scary. Today is only day two with the kite and he already started using the board. On his second run with the board he crashed the kite near a rock jetty and just barely missed it when the kite relaunched... wheew!
While on the beach, Shane (fluent in Spanish) heard some Argentinian girls talking and he started chatting it up with them. They've been trying to learn to kite too so we've been hanging out with them everyday at the beach. So far the one girl has been showing Shane up but he's convinced that he'll lay down the law tomorrow. Yesterday we almost got kicked out of Costco because we snuck in to get some cheap but delicious pizza and we didn't have our Costco cards. With a little sweet talking and luck we avoided the disaster of having to eat more of our trusty trail-mix. I'm taking a helmet mounted GoBro with me tomorrow kiting so I should get some awesome shots. Stay posted!


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