Quincy BUYS a KITE!

Today Quincy and I started our day off with a stand-up paddle sesh at "Quincy's Beach" (beach right in front of his house). I managed to fall in about 15 times due to the chop and size of his little stand-up board. Quincy ran over a lazy turtle (no harm done) while shredding an ankle sized wave. While the wind continued to get stronger I was getting antzy to go kiting. Little did I know Quincy didn't own a kite so we rushed into town to fix this debacle. The wind and waves have been funky due to the weird weather this year in Maui so the wind died as quickly as it had picked up. We decided to end the day at our trusty Makena Beach with a skimboarding sesh. Almost forgot! Tomorrow, the swell of the year is supposed to smash the north-west beaches and everybody is PUMPED! My favorite thing about Maui and surf towns in general is the "buzz" you feel when there is a new swell coming. Not a physical buzz, I'm mean the buzz of others whispering about it, the rumors your hear, and extra hype! Well, I hope the hype is right! Tomorrow should be epic, my fingers are crossed! Here are a few pictures from today.

Maui Sunset


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