Hype is Right - Honolua Bay!

Honolua Bay
Our Hiking Trail
Whew! Today we woke up super early and headed to the upper west side of Maui in search of perfect waves. Honolua Bay for me is the double black diamond of surfing and today it was firing. I didn't have too much luck with this wave as it was very crowded and the locals have the spot dialed.   There will always be another day... tomorrow! After Honolua, we hiked down this treacherous path (which we made) to the other side of the bay so Quincy could score a cool angle of the surfers for his portfolio. Also tomorrow, my buddy Shane arrives and we're getting a rental car which will be a blast. The wind forecast is looking solid tomorrow. Shane and I are hoping to get some kiting in at Kanaha Beach. We heard from local kiters that the waves are breaking 30+ ft on the outside Kanaha reefs. I'm hoping to check this out myself! Below are pictures from Quincy's house.



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