Culture Shock!

Busy week! We surfed Quincy’s secret spot for the last three days non-stop. It was the best surfing sessions I’ve ever had. I finally feel more comfortable going backside. My flight to LA was really early in the AM so Quincy and I decided to go out the bar “Life’s a Beach” for one last hurrah. When I arrived in LA, Ben picked me up with a loaded car ready for Mammoth.  We wasted no time and headed straight for the mountains.
Secret Spot

What a crazy weekend! We had a full house (literally) because it was a race weekend.  Abe flew out to ride and film with us. For three days we had perfect non-cloudy skies which made for some killer filming. Keep your eyes open for Abe’s new February park edit. To help mend our sore bodies we went to the hot springs to relax. The road the hot springs was snowed in so we had to hike to them. Most of us wore sandals so the walk
 was pretty painful. Paul tried to take a shortcut and ended up trudging through icy mud.  When we got to the springs there was a gnarly naked hippie guy chilling by himself drinking water from a Sky bottle. We decided we had walked too far to bail so we all sat huddled together on the opposite wall of the naked guy. Overall the weekend was epic! Thanks to everybody who came and had a blast. It was a perfect last weekend before Australia.
View From Base of Hostel!

I was nervous going to the airport because I had packed heavy bags. I was prepared to pay the fees for oversize and overweight because I packed kiting gear. I lucked out; the guy took my bags without fuss and even upgraded me to business premium seating! To make things better, the Australian stewardesses were smokin’ hot! I don’t have permanent housing so I’ve been living at a HUGE hostel located smack-downtown Brisbane. So far the housing hunt has been really difficult as I’m not the only exchange student frantically looking for a place to live. I’ll keep you updated on what happens!


  1. HI Caleb,

    You've left us hanging. Did you find a home? I know you found a friend because I saw you with the koala bear on your Facebook page. Nancy, your Maui, HI Halama Street auntie.


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