Super-Kiting Sunday!

Chris being beastly in the pool!
Super Bowl Kiting!
On Sunday we got really lucky because all of the forecasts called for zero wind. Lucky for us the Kona winds blew in which means the wind is coming from the opposite direction. With Kona winds, kiting is a whole new ballgame because you are going into the waves at a different direction. Quincy and I launched our kites right from his front yard and had the place to ourselves. We kited for almost 3 hours and completely missed the Super bowl.
Chris left Maui yesterday for Australia - GOODLUCK lil bro!
Today I finally got to surf Quincy's secret spot. I've heard a bunch of hype about his spot but all of the previous swells didn't have the right swell direction. We went there early in the morning and scored big! It's a sweet left point break that heaves onto a pretty shallow reef shelf. The best part of it, is that it was just me, Quincy, and his buddy. Never have I been at a wave so good with just my friends. It was sooo good that we went back for a sunset session. By the time the sun went down we were all beat and the waves were getting huge. I got licked pretty hard when I paddled in too late and called it a night. Tomorrow morning we are waking up at dawn to go score another epic session. In the afternoon, if the surf dies down, Quincy and I are going to backpack and camp in the Haleakala Crater. Stay tuned!

PS: I leave Maui Thursday for LA and will being going up to Mammoth this weekend so get yo booty up there if you can!!! Last week in the states before I head to Australia next Monday!
Good Morning Kayaking


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