Surfer's Paradise!!!!!!!!!

view from my new home!
1st place toga wear
This week has been really fun as more and more students pour into the Bisbane area. We went to two toga parties this week. One had about 200-300 people and Rebecca and I won best dressed with our tiger print sheet togas. They gave us a $100 gift card to the local BWS (beer, wine, spirits). Their BWS stores even have a drive through if you’re in a rush! 100 bucks doesn’t get you very far at the BWS store as a small bottle of say Smirnoff is $45. The next toga party was school sponsored and sold out with around 1500 toga attendees. They handed out free Swedish Fish and donuts to all.  It was a great way to end the winter break!

such a happy camper! 
I’m not homeless!!! I bailed on the previous place that I was talking about near campus and made a big move down to Surfer’s Paradise on Gold Beach! I moved in with two Brazilian surfer bros and another classmate from USC, Christina. We’re living in a resort type high rise on the 8th floor. Our apartment faces the ocean and has all glass walls. The building has a gym, pool with sand beach, spa, and BBQ hangout spot. I don’t think I’ll ever have to leave… except for class! Surfer’s Paradise is just over two hours from The University of Queensland but I was able to block all my classes together so I only have class twice a week.  A full course load (4 classes, 16 units) is only 12 hours of class a week, but a lot more papers than any classes I’ve taken before. The beach is only one block away and the past two days I’ve seen a dozen or so kiters ripping it up just north of us. I’ll finish bringing stuff down to the new room later this week. Yesterday I got to surf in the morning and afternoon. Today I woke up at 6 and surfed two hours before heading back north to Uni for my first class of the new term at noon. On Thursday, Christopher and Ariel arrive in Brisbane. Haven’t see the lil bro-brah in a longtime so I’m super pumped for his arrival. I think he’s going to love the new crib! As far as activities go, we’re planning a Byron Bay trip this coming weekend. Should be another epic and potent week in OZ! 


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