Lost and Certainly Not Found!

Radio Song of the Day! - I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry
The radio has been absolutely pitiful to a point where it's funny.
It has been a few days since I've last checked in - los siento! The surf has been up everyday which has been killer. Shane and I have both taken turns dominating and getting dominated at Ho'okipa every morning. Yesterday Ho'okipa had the nicest conditions I've seen in awhile. Zero wind, sunny, and big! The wind shut off yesterday and today which is OK because I'm getting my kite lines fixed and readjusted after having that bad kite-mare a couple days ago. Over the last two days, Chris and Shane have both managed to lose their sandals so they've been going bare-foot ever since. We're still looking for the sandal thieves! We've been hanging out with the Argentinians almost every night and our "hot tub spanglish" is getting pretty good. Last night we went to Paia with the Argentinians to check out the party scene. We showed up in board shorts and tanks and definitely did not get the memo that it was "Cowboy" night. Also, we were the only group under 30! After failing at line-dancing we called it a night.
Dangerous Shorebreak = Broken Board
Today the surf was humongous on the north shore. Ho'okipa wasn't even ridable as it was closing out at double overhead plus! We decided to go to the upper west side of Maui to catch the swell that wraps around the island. We found a pretty cool break called "Little Makaha" which was really fun but pretty mellow. After slaying we decided to step up our game and head over to Honolau Bay for some potency. Before we headed to Honolua we had to call AAA after we realized that Shane locked the keys in the car. We were stranded without sunscreen for an hour and things got pretty toasty. When the AAA guy showed up it took him literally 25 seconds to unlock the car! After we scoped Honolua we decided to try the upper point which had a smaller crowd. On my first wave I got pitched and sucked over the falls and when I came to the surface, my board was snapped in half. Pretty bummed but luckily there is a plethora of surfboards on Maui! Until tomorrow, I'll be on craig's list looking for the perfect board!


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