Wind, and Waves, and Turtles! Oh, my!

Kiting in Paradise!
Turtle Town
Two days ago was a sad day for the wolf pack. Shane had to pack up his things and head back to LA and reality. But before he left he wanted to create one more car key disaster which almost delayed his departure. Shane was one of the most determined kiters I've ever taught. By his last day he was staying up wind and riding with confidence! Two days ago was one of the best days of kiting I've ever had. Smash and bang epic wind and waves and you're bound to have the time of your life. I had some great rides and even better crashes.

Yesterday the wind petered out so I went surfing solo at Ho'okipa. After I took Christopher to the famous Paia Fish Market for ahi cajun burgers. Last night we actually rallied and went out with the Argentinians to a local pub called "Life's a Beach". Our buddy Allen who we just met plays the drums and one of the bands needed a last minute drummer and he went up on stage and absolutely killed it. His new nickname is Tommy Lee. We ended the night by each eating a tub of Häagen-Dazs.

Flower Child

Today we woke up early to go snorkel at Turtle Town.. Tour guide Quincy knew where to swim to get us away from the other tourists who scare the turtles so we had some great luck. We saw heaps (practicing my AUS lingo) of fish and turtles. After snorkeling I helped Quincy take some stock photos for his portfolio. All of the photos for todays post were taken by Quincy. Later in the day the wind picked up for about two hours. I went out on the tail end of that and almost had to swim in when the wind decided to shut off without warning. When I came in from kiting there was a HUGE very old turtle just sitting in the sand. People said they saw the same turtle come ashore the previous day. Old turtles are known to come ashore to rest and catch cosmic rays.
Tomorrow we are going on a crazy adventure to the island of Lanai. We are going to ferry over to the island early in the AM to snorkel and camp for the night. Stay posted!


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